ammo stops replenishing when auto is on

i have it on so it auto replenish ammo when game is over. but in games where i dont lose any ships at all. everytime i click play again it comes up : wanna reload ammo before going into battle.


i have auto on. i wait 1 minute after going back to hangar and it doesn’t replenish. the little marker on my ship that it needs repair comes up and i need to click it in order to repair it automatically.


using normal ammunition and yea. replenishing ammo + repair ship. most of what i have seen is replenishing ammo.


it just recently started happening some days ago until now. i have not been playing very much lately. 


and yea i never said it was a bug* so just if this occur with other players aswell, we would like to know. 

This happened to me as well. What I did, I waited a bit and if nothing happened, I jus removed the “red cross” ammunition slots and put them back in.

This bug happens from time to time. I hope it gets fixed. Also, when you finish your match, sometimes if you press on launch match too quickly, you will get a question, if you want to replenish all ammo and repairs, even if you got it set to automatic.

yea the red cross.


i see it usually but then it do replenish. but many times it doesn’t.


is wierd. but now i logged back on it seems to work fine again. 

If you consider this is a bug make a proper bug report in the bug report section.

Sometimes it asks me to repair ship and I have auto on

Please use the bug section to report bugs.