Ammo multi-crafting not working

  1. I cannot craft multiple weapon ammunition at the same time with the apposite number selection. 

  2. To be able to craft multiple ammo (Of the same type) at the same time

  3. No particular conditions.

  4. Let’s say you want to craft 3 iridium slugs. You put “3” in the number selection, but when you craft the ammunition, you create only 1 of them (in reality 2, because each metal plate gives you 2 ammo).

  5. Always. 

  6. They are attached to the post, look closely to my ammo and plate numbers. 

  7. It happens always.

  8. It’s not related to my computer

  9. Not related to connection issues.

  10. Not related to SecCon 




It’s temporarily limitation

It’s temporarily limitation

Hmm, ok then.