Ammo does not autorefill

Very simple bug.


If you are tabbed out from the game (it is not the active window) when you return to hangar after a battle,


ammo does not auto-refill, even if the option is selected.


The popup comes up saying the ammo is bought, but you don’t get the ammo, and have to buy it again manually (or on the popup next time you try to enter battle).

This has been an on and off bug since sometime in April. Some patches it’s better and some it’s worse. So far this patch it seems to be after every 2 or 3 battles.

yea so it’s perhaps not after tabbing out. but it definitely happens a lot. also with repairs, not just ammo.

I don’t tab out of game, yet this still happens every few games…


I have found though, that I do NOT get charged a second time, even though they game says it has repaired and re-ammod my ships, yet requires me to repair and re-arm, before starting a new battle search.


My credits do not seem to go down after the seemingly duplicated purchase.