amd/ati profile?

Just curious if anyone knows where one might be found for this game?

ive made a post similar to this. Best advice i can give is try every setting for yourself, see if it looks better without to much of a drop in performance. make sure your fps is the same as your monitor’s refresh rate.

e.g. my monitor is 60 hz therefore the most/least i need is 60fps. (or try v-sync which does it for you)

glxgears -fullscreen
8254 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1650.671 FPS
8400 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1679.915 FPS

so, there is really no reason I should be forced to run at 20-40 fps, occasionally going to 60.




FPS is the number of frames per second the software is processing, while Hz is the rate at which the hardware in the monitor is refreshing the display. They are two independent functions, and you will see a difference in animation quality with more FPS. There is a point where the human visual pathways become saturated, which IIRC is somewhere around 70-80fps. After that you can still perceive a difference in quality, but to borrow an economic term, you’ve hit the point of diminishing returns and it’s a steep drop-off.

switched to ubuntu from debian.  now getting over 100fps.