Am I missing something?

you got my attention there; albeit the emancipated river kangaroos are far down in the leaderboards anyway

Emergency shield boost/emergency repair kit

I heard the Women Poison Kiwis are important also.

Hull regeneration is so tiny compared to shield regeneration and takes up a hull slot that could be used on resists. Hull regeneration is only good for when there is no engineer, want to free up an active module slot by removing a repair kit, and have plenty of time to burn while waiting for your hull to regenerate.

Shield regeneration needs no modifier. You can fit the resists you see fit. The Shield Booster, Guard Emergency Shield Booster*, and Shield resist active modules have shorter cooldown times than their hull counterparts enabling you to use them more often.

*I am not sure. Also the ESB is more important than the ERK when it comes to guards. Usually a guard without shields is a dead guard.

Hull regen is good for interceptors and jerry fighters, because they have low HP hulls and the regen is good enough. For example, Jerry commands are great for the hull regen, since they have a lot of energy regen, and they usually take a shield booster for tank, so in case there is no engineer around, they will be able to repair hull and don’t die to a crash (like happened to me a lot)

Shield hitbox is the same.

But it’s funny 'cause empire fighters have: more hull slots = resistances whatever, more HP, smaller, harder to hit frame tho. While Fed fighters have lower hull slots, lower hull HP, but bigger, bulkier size. So their engineering technology sucks i guess. 

only thing that bothers me about the lion is the cockpit placement.

and the only thing that bothers me about the apollo is that it’s deceptively fast looking.

but other than that I have no opinions because I’m having a terrible time playing my tier 5’s