Am I able to get DLC without using the Steam Version?

It may be a stupid question but I have never, ever bought anything for a game except a computer.

So when I first started playing SC I had used a steam account. I unknowingly used all the Gold Standards with ammo and customization because I didn’t know that Gold Standards were an actual real life currency. I felt tricked. So what I did was make a new account. I didn’t feel like downloading that standalone because that took to much time so what I did was set steam to “Offline Mode” so I could make a new account and play using offline steam.

Am I able to buy and use DLCs on an offline mode steam account?

You can unlink your account from Steam and you can also uncheck all DLC packages in Steam library.

Your account must be online at all times.

For me it works even with the Gaijin launcher and Steam directly.

You can buy DLCs on the Star Conflict website. Just log in to the website with the same info you use for your Steam, and then you can purchase directly using a credit/debit card, paypal, etc.

In short, the answer is yes. :wink: