Alternative Special Modules

This has been an issue since the very first ships with alternate models were released.


Really you should just give the alternative special module WITH THE SHIP, but I know you won’t do that.


Instead of forcing players to buy them (essentially), the alternative special modules for unique ships should instead be found in loot like the rest of the cool things. And not in the normal way either. They should be found only by playing on that particular ship.

The cost for them to be bought outright should also be reduced considerably for those who still pay for everything with GS.

Anyone who has paid GS for a special module should be refunded a portion of the GS according to how many RNG containers they bought. Just to prevent rage.



This is just one idea for a method to obtain them. Basically all I ask is that you remove the current awful method and let players get them some other way that doesn’t take specific game modes and hours every day for 1 part.


I like your idea or better to say your suggestion,

but what I have seen until now in this game it is optimistic and utopical.


or just give it with the ship.






yes, I’ve already said it.