Alternative option to solve OS missions

Currently we are ‘forced’ to do the mission in the way it’s handled out.
This mean: Scanning something, destroying something or escorting suicides - eh transporter.
What if, we had the choice HOW we solve the mission?
This come as I have done(or better said being forced to destroy) the capture biomorph thingie. We need to kill him instead of capturing(as the text indicate and is the will of the contractee).
So we have now the option:
Destroy it because it’s to risky for capturing him alive - old reward of synergy/credits.
Capture it with ‘scanning’ him for a time. This scanning require to have the target with ~10% health left and only barely shields and being in range of 300m?. This should have increased rewards as it’s way riskier and maybe need more time.
But this isn’t the only possibility for at least a second option to solve the mission!
Escort the suicides - transporter: The time isn’t even the biggest problem. You don’t know if something go really wrong. Maybe some yolo pirates or the fufu predator appear to JUST destroy this poor guy you need to escort. Then back to start… remind me at ludo…
Okay if this transport is soooooooo important, why we don’t get a ‘special’ offer of the other side(another faction/pirates/cartels) to kill that? I know station safe this thing and would be even annoying for other players trying to achieve this, but hell! WHY NOT? Let me send this poor soul to hell! But the reward you get is then lower as with escorting him. Only exception: Can’t be done with daily monomissions - as this would really be fufu.
Gathering resources from asteroids: Afair they are all sooooo needed, so why don’t sell them to the black market? This would require a meeting point on the map you need to go to give your other contractee the resources, but why not? We can’t be the good guys forever. We are mercenaries!!! Give higher rewards as the base one.
Scanning/disabling Cyber beacons: Maybe an alternative could be to bomb them to hell(if you guys from the devteam introduce the bombing I suggested ago). This would be more effective.

  • for more alternatives!

It’s always good to have several way to complete one mission, kind of The Witcher way. But it also costs lots of time and human resources to make it right. We’re working under OS rework, so maybe something will be possible there in the future.

Witcher? If I remember it right from last play, it was a pay later the price for your choice system. Nothing I really want in this game(just to give an explanation: You solve mission x or 147565 mission for jericho and therefore you CAN’T do anymore anything related with the other two - not even docking in their hangar).

My suggestion is in the first and foremost NEUTRAL in outcome with your done choice. You don’t get penalized by the faction if you sell the minerals to the smuggler or if you destroyed their transporter instead of guarding it etc.