alpha 7 spawn problem

its a regular thing i notice now, that one team pushes in alpha 7 map and then the other team keeps gettin spawned 10 away from friendlies which makes it hard if not impossible or organise and counter attack to prevent spawn camping. please balance the spawn points so they are close and teams can easily group up after spawn instead of flying 10k around a huge rock.

I nany map if a team manages to spawncamp the other team would loose anyway no matter where spawnpoints are. Except perhaps cap games where is doesnt matter cuz ur cap would be elsewhere on map.

yes but on this map the split spawn is the sole reason camping will happen. the enemy pushes to the middle blue rocks, which is right between the 2 possible friendly spawns. then they just move a bit in 1 direction to deal with 1 side then just move slightly and deal with the other. in the meanwhile few players have spawned on the first and are 10k away from helping any friends or gettin real any cover