Alpha - 7 Glitch

Here are the Screenshots concerning this Non-Clip glitch.


88014422-7a7c-4f02-bc66-050ba83efa27_zps  dc25a742-56a0-4239-b2fc-0eea3f3c3685_zps


I am at the entrance to the glitch here, I hope the Camera Coordinates will help. Shot 2 is me facing outward from the way into the rock.  Shot 1 is a birdseye showing myself half way into the rock that should be stopping me.  As you can see, once inside, you are unable to see the Asteroids Surface.  It becomes invisible and you end up crashing a lot  :01414: …

Pilots who know about this are entering the rock and waiting when they have lost commander in Combat Recon mode.


Camera Readout #'s


Shot 1: - 543.5, 87, 612

Shot 2:  - 494.6, 62.6, 596.8


I have never really done this before, is there anything else I need to include?

Yes, I found myself inside of the asteroid twice. But I never found where I had to crash to join the asteroid. This bug exists but you should make a full bug report, and try to provide screenshots at the locations and asteroids it happens.


I have experienced this in the middle asteroid, and the big one (the one with the inside tunnel / cave)

This was the first time I had seen it, and I even found the entrance because the enemy pilot was purposely coming out to hit targets outside the asteroid. 

I was in the same game on his team. we should have one that match. We killed the other teams commander quickly. Any way you can enter the asteroid through one of the crystal formations. It’s hard to get out of the asteroid once you get in. here is a screenshot attachment…


Here is some screen shots. 






I have edited the post and included screenshots.