allow us to turn off the "ping"



I’ve looked through the options and I couldn’t find anything. I’m assuming it’s a fixed feature and cannot be turned off.


The problem I have with it is that some players abuse the “ping” (all eyes on target). In a PvP Arena match do some players fly off to fight an opponent and then fail, and instead of returning to regroup do they start pinging targets like everybody else had nothing better to do than to jump to their rescue. I’ve seen this now so many times, it’s tiring and I’m sick of hearing the ping. It’s always someone who cannot fight and then tries to get others to do the job for them and it never ends. It’s ok that some players aren’t good at fighting, nor am I very good, but bad players shouldn’t be giving a bell they can ring every time they have a problem and with no option for us to turn it off. It’s ruining the fun for me, which is why I’ve come to the forum. Please let us turn it off so we at least don’t have to hear it.