All Rank 2 and Rank 6 Implants Are Bugged - Not Working

Bug report:


What happened?

All Implants/Crews of Rank 2 and Rank 6 are not working at all.


What should happen?

All Implants/Crews of Rank 2 and Rank 6 should work, when one of them is applied.



There could be more Implants/Crews affected or not working at all.


The Guide for easier understanding of affected Implants/Crews:






[2017.04.11](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13945)


It’s not a bug, you can find it in patchnotes… :confused:

Bonus from the crew in the description of modules and weapons is not displayed
Beta catalyst ‘SR Mark 3’ (9-3)
    Now the implant helps against effects such as ‘Hull damage’ and the amount of resistance it gives is reduced.