all my task progress are restarted, after some hours offline

My tasks in game lost they progress when im going off line

  1. when im disconnected from the game for some hours, all the progress in my task is reset, zero in some, another back to the first time im playing with a rank 8 ship full sinergy for the event (probably october 11 - 13).
  2. when im rejoin to the game in the same day im expected to continue my tasks where im left them.
  3. every time im left the game for some hours.
  4. the situation occurs with steam client, try to reinstall and use the page client but problem persist. Also the problem start after the purchase of the mercenary pack from steam.
  5. always.
  6. logs, screenshoots and dxdiag in the file attach.
  7. last time 18.10.2016 18:10 moscow time


also this assignments is the only one, with some progress thats always comeback





Try to retry tomorrow

problem solve, thanks