all modes with "beacon capture"



an idea - what about giving score points for capturing beacons? I mean - if i get to the enemy (100) beacon and get it down to 0, or maybe +30 to my team, then enemy approaches and kill me, i got nothing for my contribution. and my teammate that arrive too late to help me but kills an opponent get 300 score for capturing the beacon…


suggestion: for every point pilot make by capturing enemy beacon +1 score and decrease to  150 score for beacon capture. or, increase the capture beacon reward to 500, maybe 1000, score BUT divide it between all pilots that participated in beacon capture (proportional system - if I make 50% of beacon capture points, I get 250 score points)

dude, this is a very good idea as this is the only part of capturing which is not being rewarded.


The main issue is how to handle if beacon point have been refilled.

But I mind if one use the participation of a player on the total points being captured this could be handled easily.

well, you will obtain creds for - points (for capturing enemy’s beacon) and for + points (re-filling beacon that is currently under no control or that is “damaged” but still your teams).

just a bump… nobody’s unhappy with current beacon capture scoring system?

I’m unhappy with the too short assist timer on beacons. Can’t think of anything else that has to do with scoring. Something might spark if people start talking around again.

Yeah I agree that the Beacon Capture scores need to be reworked. There have been many times I am the first one to a beacon, got it most of the way down, enemy comes in kills me, and then a team mate comes and finish the last few points. What happens…he gets ALL the credit while I get nothing but a Death. I like the OP suggestion. If not that then at LEAST extend the timer…or even make it so that if you take at least 5-10 off the beacon then you will get an assist at any point (no timer at all) the beacon is captured as long as the enemy does not get it back up to 100% (or even make it 90%).