All Deployable Active Modules self-destruct on Player Death

Just a small change to the way the game works.


Upon Player death, any and all deployable active modules self-destruct. This is already the case for Tackler Sentry and Heavy Guard Drones. It needs to be the case for Hull and Shield repair stations (Engineer), and Micro-locator beacons (Recon).


Any Active Module item that is deployed from a player ship should cease to exist upon that player’s death.

Nah, i think it’s not needed. 

Well, they have their own energy source. You only need your own energy for deployment.

I thought about this, but still, 30 seconds duration time is not much.

To balance things, they should increase duration of the module to 45 seconds with self-destruct option, if your ship gets destroyed in the process.

Just too damn hard to call.


I am nearly certain micro locators stay.


I seam to recall seeing a charging station after destroying an Eng. the other day also.


I know anything that does damage should go. Imagine attack drones just pegging any at an Inty after the Eng. is gone.


I do know increasing the duration of the modules would be a not good thing. Repair stations should be something you have to remember. Also having a duration longer than the recharge would result in double deploys.

Drones self destruct upon player death. So do warp gates. Other things generally remain.

Heal stations used to last for 60 seconds with a longer cooldown. It is still possible to get multiple stations but not as important due to shorter times.

I have a screenshot of accumulation of 5 or 6 stations in pve :slight_smile:

O gosh, could you imagine 5 or 6 in PVP.


Say hello to the indestructible recon of doom going 700MPs with 110 rotation.


Maybe the bonuses wouldn’t stack?

No. Healing beacons and shield beacons should not self destruct, that is their upside.


Drones should, and drones do.