All 3D edges in the game are red lines

This is what my game looks like when I play it →


Current setup

LinuxMint17 - MATE

Nvidia GeForce 660 GTX

Tried to run it on both the 340.32 Stable drivers and the 343.22 Beta drivers

I get the same artifacting/visual issue


Yesterday I was running 343.13 and it looked fine. Here is a video I recorded →

I updated my drivers to 343.22 and this started happening. I tried downgrading to the previous drivers 340.32 and it didn’t help with the issue.


Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe some settings on the Nvidia control panel?


Additionally, I tried to change the graphics settings in-game. I changed resolutions, changed between high and low quality textures, etc. Nothing seems to work.

This has nothing to do with your settings or hardware.

Just a small texture bug which happens sometimes.


Please try to change your detail video settings, if it still occurs please post your video settings so we can go into more details

So far, i’ve found it to be a Nvidia bug. Here’s a link to the Bug thread in Nvida Dev Zone


Edit : Btw, did you noticed at 0.27 of your video, the engineer’s drones are invisible. Somehow, that is also a bug affecting the 343 series of the Nvidia Unix/Linux drivers. 

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24883-invisible-turrels-and-drones/)