Alien Drone reward is insufficient (same as any standard classified document)

Classified Document or Alien Blueprint is now one and the same. No distinction! No additional benefit of any kind! Just a different name, which is lame!


Suggestion :


First necessary improvement : Alien Document will give you a faction reward of 25000 loyalty vouchers instead of 15000 loyalty vouchers. (increased reward)

Second necessary improvement : Loyalty vouchers reward type will be determined, based on where you dock. (option to choose)


  • if you dock at Empire, you will get Empire loyalty vouchers (25000)

  • if you dock at Federation, you will get Federation loyalty vouchers (25000)

  • if you dock at Jericho, you will get Jericho loyalty vouchers (25000)


Option 1 :

With 2 sub-factions of 1 faction, the sub-faction voucher reward will be determined randomly, but given as the package in the hangar, to cash in, when it is needed.

Option 2 :

You are given the choice via interface, to get it in the armory, then you can select via interface, which vouchers do you wish to choose as the reward. (2 sub-factions, 2 possible choices)


Screenshot: (Alien Space is dangerously safe in a cloaked Tackler - once said by someone named Koromac)



Consider that suggestion as well, to make this one possible!

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