Alien Destroyer - My Two Cents

I’ve killed this thing 3 times now, one taking 5 hours, another 11, and the final one 24, hours. Each one dropped sub par chips, in comparison to Free Hunter farming  its utter garbage. 


  • Far too much HP
    • No real way to kill it quickly thanks to the last patch that made it impossible to shoot the body… must kill emitters/cores over and over again.
  • Missile range is ridiculous
  • Emitter explosion damage 
    • Way too much, even a custodian shield cant block it. 
  • Chips are pathetic at best
    • I’ve gotten 3 chips each time, one red, with sub par stats, one grey again with sub par stats and you guessed it one golden with EQUALLY SUB PAR STATS.

TLDR: Takes way to long to kill, and the rewards are utter garbage. Make it contain  ** RARE CHIPS THAT CANT BE GAINED ANYWHERE ELSE.**

So yea :wink:



I’ve never even seen one, so.


Ive just farmed the heckie out of free hunters (which seem to have their health pools DRASTICALLY increased when more players are present before they spawn)

It’s literally the spec ops destroyer(the one with cores), it’s just that it doesn’t have the gravitational anomaly, and sphere emitters have a much higher velocity but shoot only one charge, destroying emitters don’t seem to damage it, or at least you need to destroy a whole bunch before you deal even 0.01% damage, that’s right, destroying a shell deals 0.01% damage and a core deals 0.05% damage, the health bar is shared across all servers, and all players who assists with damage will get 60 iridium and 3 chips of different rarities(which aren’t particularly amazing).


This whole thing takes way too long for the rewards it offers, and the battle overall is quite dull, you used to able to damage the frame directly and it used to be much faster, they should increase the health of the cores/shells and the damage they deal.

Problem is that “gold” bonuses of chips are mostly just bad, there are very few worth anything, most of time they are just some gimmicks or good but low chance bonuses.

Common chips are most common to be “good”, blue chips are usually terrible but some good RNG roll can give you a godly chip, yellow and red chips are just meh and from these two I prefer yellow ones, there’s much higher chance that you will get one good gold bonus than two good gold ones… but “common” bonuses of these chips can be still bad.


Honestly instead of few bad yellow/red chips I would prefer upgrade kits that give you ~10k or so chip upgrade points. Or something that lets you swap the same rarity bonus between chips so you could make existing chips better.