"Alien composite block" from Conquest mode, is broken or what?

Like in topic, alien composite block from Conquest mode, is broken or what? We can win it from Conquest mode, but you can’t use them to build anything, only for sale 3500 credits (and “normal alien composite block” which you are building by yourself, costs 15 000 credits, or you can sell it on trade for gold). So why did we get 2nd “broken” alien composite block from conquest?
I also send below screenshots.

2.jpg.725002f59c126a22e2115dc0c35bffdf.jpg 1.jpg.57469c641dc9d740af6efa5df1cbfc31.jpg 3.jpg.e54eef725a4280e67b173f4a2285de26.jpg

The issue has been reported and the devs are working on fixing it.