Alien Artifact Boosters - new variants

I will list all available Alien Artifact Boosters in Skirmish mode and Invasion mode.


Repair Booster (2 types - do not know exact difference)

Speed Booster (1 type)

Damage Booster (1 type)

Invulnerability Booster (1 type)



I recommend adding 4 new, additional Boosters on the battlefield: Applies for Team Death-match only


Shield Booster (1-2 types, depends on the Repair Booster above) - works the same as Repair Booster, but works on the shields

Invisibility Booster (would work the same as Spectre Field or just cloak, but for all allied units and maybe for longer duration)

Disruption Booster (would work the same as IR Pulsar - enemy HUD is disrupted on all targets for certain duration - electronics do not work properly, such as target lock and any other info display)

Reconnaissance Booster (reveals an entire map for a certain period of time, for any team, which picked it up) - optional: could even detect cloaked enemy targets and/or negate Scatter Field module.



Optional : (Invasion only)


Invasion related Alien Artifact Booster:


Shadow Agent Booster - resets Aggressor and Criminal status immediately - optional: if you picked up this artifact with no criminal status, you gain +/-100 karma bonus, based on your +/- reputation




I could add more, but so far, those artifacts would be really great to be included.

You’re free to discuss.

Do not forget to vote!

I like

Holy moly…

I like a lot the shield booster one (seems balanced and a must for the game), invisibility should last slightly less than invulerability (when ships are invulnerable you can see where they are, therefore prevent and react in time), the last 2 dont seem a nice add to the game (game breaking and too OP). Besides, those artifacts should work as a buff for the team that picks it up, not debuff for the opposite team.