AI team members in T5 PvE ...

I noticed that as of last patch 1.5.3 there seem to be AI members in the 4 player PvE. I wasted the whole hour of Delta-2 mission trying to complete it but always had two AI “players” in the team which basically makes it impossible to win. In particular in Ariadne’s Thread as these AI will prevent tatics.
So thanks for wasting my time, I’ll just wait another 16h …great …
Can you make this optional please ? Like if the player choses to not have AI members at the cost of longer wait for game-making ?
That would be AWESOME.

yes , surprise, right?



Bots are weak, default Mark 1 equipment only. They often just stand still or just distract enemies with their weak firepower and very basic intelligence.

This was the worst move that I can remember. Please get rid of it!

Remove teammate AIs please!

It would be nice if they were like the hard PvAI evenmies but nooo. They’re just the most low-level useless AI.

omg, dev are at this point ???

didn’t know ![:(:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/(.png “:(:”)

Redeeming fact is only their infinite respawn. They can lock whole group of mobs agroed at spawn while you do your job alone.

this game is just diying

White-teched, incompetent, and useless. Yeap, just what we needed.