Again this one ! Nothing was done and they still continue ! (AFK farming)

It’s time now to see what your point of view and reaction about this subject “Doing AFK farming”.


Again in  less than one month I don’t count how many times I see him(it) or maybe now we need to say IT now because always afk into open space. And that not the only guy.


8H50"25 GMT / 10H50"25 GMT+2 June 15 2016

Look at this guy spinning. I’ve capture 8 min of  what it was doing. If you can see it’s trajectory was 100% circular


It becomes necessary to act !


Please vote and add your opinion on this in the comments below. Your opinion is needed !

At your keyboard !

That’s actually rather funny XD


I’ve seen engie afk farm with drones, but never destroyers!

Please, do not discuss something like this in public. This is really under investigation and we try to create the best ways to solve this kind of issues. In such a case however, send a PM to me. I will look into it.


Obviously this is not good, neither it is against any rules (Since it does not require any automatisation because you are not being kicked.) Going against such a player is a bit more difficult. Although punishment may still be applied.