Afterburner glitch/bug idk

Okay so first of all, I don’t even know how to report this…so yeah


So all ships have these secondary engines that ignite when you activate the afterburners. and when you do…you can see your energy dropping and your speed increasing. 


now…when i activate my afterburners…i see my energy drop and my speed increase. But the secondary engines on the ship don’t ignite, nor does it look like my ship is going any faster. 


also…when i use the afterburners until my energy runs out, and is regenerates…I for some reason can’t use them again right away. there is like a 10-20 second delay, even if the energy is fully restored before they will activate again. 


I don’t know how to show you this in a screenshot…and i don’t think its an issue with my computer. it seems like a game bug idk

Disable auto reignite engines in the settings menu.

It was never enabled in the first place…I don’t use that option…

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