afterburner energy consumption is broken

I keep forgetting to check this in battle, but in open space energy doesn’t work correctly, when afterburner is being used. Let’s say my ship has 1000 battery capacity, max. gen. 100/s and afterburner eats 90/s. So, i’m slowly eating away my energy, until it reaches stable point, let’s say 100. If I activate any simple module, like flares, they eat away 40 of my energy,  so I will be left with 60. But energy does not rise back to 100, it starts depleting at increasing rate. And when if it depletes completely, afterburner stops, energy rises to about 20, afterburner starts again and will deplete my energy again, even when my energy regeneration shloud be higher than afterburner’s consumption with such low energy reserve.



When afterburning, energy regeneration seems to be based on difference of “stable point” and current level of energy, even if current level is lower than stable point.

And I forgot to check it in this 1.4.4c, it may be already fixed…

Hi, it is actualy not a bug. This info is not really openly available in the game though :(, but

regeneration (energy per second) is not a stable value. The value you see in the ship stats is only true at about 35% of capacity value.

When your capacitor is full, your regeneration is about 47% of the stat value.


Here is the energy regeneration curve:


Remember that shield regeneration speed is directly proportional with the energy that you have left in your capacitor.

Oh, i see. Thanks for info! I shloud spend some time on wiki…

44 minutes ago, Not_rusty said:

Oh, i see. Thanks for info! I shloud spend some time on wiki…

You are better off asking general questions on forum, you will get faster and more detailed information. English wiki is not maintained for awhile ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)