Afterburner - Capacitor - Ratio

my phobos aura produces more energy than the afterburner use but for some reason the energy level falls while boosting


i didn’t activated any modules and my ship wasn’t influenced by ECM / EW modules


why does the energy level drop?




the energy level falls till 214u

reaching that point it will come to a halt


i recognised similar behaviour while flying with the acid hydra, again no buffs / debuffs or modules activated


energy level stable at ~ 400u



Your Statistic in the Hangar says energy regeneration (max). This maximum is produced somewhere around 50% of the capacitor lvl.

ok thanks


why does the reactor produces more energy, when the capicitor is half depleted?!

i have really investigated the math behind energy, and energy regeneration bu t it seems there is some problems with some ships and some are spot on.

In general you should not be able to boost infinite regardless of setup (imo) and generally that is the case there however a few exceptions to this (as far as i have seen, and have almost all factions rank 10+).

well if my energy level is close to 50% depletetion i can boost infinitely if i use no modules at the same time

The capacitor does have issues with consistency.  I too have a Phobos Aura, which I managed to glitch into giving me unlimited afterburner whilst running 3 command modules at the same time.  I haven’t managed to repeat this, so I figure it was an accident, but similar stuff has happened on other ships…

It’s probably modeled like a real capacitor, which recharges slower the fuller it gets.