after patch so many tier 4 ships into tier 5 matches,

happend 3 times today in my games, but i only had 2 matches i took screenshot of. they also disconnect usually.


the enemy leader was a tier 4 becoming leader. this match could not been easier. also the mm doesn’t show what rank you are queeing for in pvp, its just blank. 


nonamenofear, lvl 9 ship and lvl 11 ship. twice he come in our games. without being in a squad. 





T4 and T5 queues have been fused due to the long queue times. Invasion has atracted a lot of players so now there are even less players playing PvP.


Working as intended.

lvl 11 ships aswell?

patch notes does not include this ? 

Matchmaking changes are rarely included.


R10 to R15 have the same queue aparently.



atleast a match where i used cov ops against u guys