AFK player - PVE

My question is : what can i do against AFK player in PVE ? “Report” is it useful ? ty

If enough players report a player they’ll be temp banned.

Though in my experience if someone goes afk in the “Protect the Temple” mission is just because they have completed the daily objective, or are trying to quickly lose the mission so they can try again to get the right enemy to spawn. (Asteroids or cruisers)

ok… ty for your answer… i will report now.

I can understand when big players “don’t play” low lvl mission… ok. We can do the fight without him and we learn how to play… (and i’m happy when they are here for high lvl mission)

but when the same player never play the fight, again and again, low or high lvl mission, there is a limit to the insignia farm… imo…