advertising squad in public chat qualifies as spamming?

I’ve advertised my squad a couple of times in public chat with this text: say + for rank 8 pvp 150 dessie kill and other quests. You can equip tharga fly other ships…",

and someone named Vu threatened me to stop spamming the chat. As far as I know this isn’t spamming b/c I pasted the above text once every 5 minutes or the duration of a rank 8 pvp game. Can a game employee clarify?




Technically, after copy-pasta the 4th time the same text in a tight time interval qualifies as spam, otherwise nah, just dont flood the chat.

As ORCA said…


and just put [Vu] user to you ignore list if he bothers you alot…

I think users shouldn’t pose as mods, otherwise I wouldn’t risk a general chat ban. Game’s boring w/o having a say once in a while in there ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Still I’ld like an employee to rule this to paste for Vu that it isn’t spam to paste once between games to advertise squad

If you have good intentions and dont get in a middle of a chat with a huge text bomb, it’s okay.