Additional xenochips!



Hello, pilots!

The “Faction Wars” event is coming to an end! There are just two days left! Have you already managed to get all battle pass rewards?

It’s important, because now it’s twice as easy to get the rewards! 


We are launching a special promotion to celebrate the end of the event - the number of xenochips you get for all quests has been increased! 


Hurry up to unlock all the stages of the pass! The offer is available until March 18! 

okay but what about the people that already completed the pass? why can’t we buy bundles like mono/xenocrystals and such? are all those xenochips really gonna go to waste?

Yes, I think that players who have put the most effort into playing Star Conflict during the pass and have already completed it should be rewarded with the possibility of using surplus xenochips to buy monocrystal / xenocrystal resources

yes, i totaly agree !