add the countdown timer for Iridium Mines Warp Gates (Special Ops active), when they are locked

Simple suggestion, which will eliminate frustration and high blood pressure.


Too many times I got the mission, when I had to travel to Iridium Mines.

No problem. I went there, but when I got there, they were locked and I had to wait for over 1-2 hours!

I had to self-destruct, because on the Invasion Map (default - M key), because I have seen no timer countdown to know, when it ends.


I am requesting two things now.


Summary :


Option 1 :


If you open the Invasion Map, you should have the countdown timer there and the message, that this area is unaccesible for now.

Note: This message no longer shows now.


Option 2 :


You can at least show the countdown timer , when I approach the gate, while they are locked instead of just a message.

Note: If there is little time left, before they open, I can always wait.


Screenshot example 1:


I request a countdown timer, for example 01:17:35 on the middle, but below there must be a message Zone is under Alien attack, access temporarily restricted.

This message can also be white. As for the countdown timer, this example shows: One hour, seventeen minutes and 35 seconds.


Screenshot example 2:


Add the message below Station protection active message on the Invasion Map.

Zone is under Alien attack, access temporarily restricted, embedded in red color.



This is all I ask.




Thank you.

^ Yes!