Add 1 missile slot to provide an extra damage type?

suggestions? this is a poll.

There are ways to make it work.


E.g. if a ship gets (lets say) 10 missiles now with 1 cartridge, change could be so, that he gets 5 missiles per cartridge, and could choose to equip two, or two of different types. If equipping two of same type, the reloading cool down wont start until both cartridges are empty (to lessen missile spam). Not sure what would happen to cool down if different type of missiles. Make reloading start, but make it longer?


OR, the option I would like more: you can only pick those “single shot mines”, or “effect missiles”. I think then the separate reloading cool downs wouldn’t be a problem.

not sure, it all depends how the cartidge system is implemented in the code.


can’t properly discuss how 2 missile slots would work with the current system otherwise.


also, i find this system rather unwieldy. you don’t always have a missile when you need one, but you happen to have so many that you can spam them often… seems bizarre to me…