Adaptive Resonator

Adaptive Resonator (Granite’s unique Special Module) seems to have serious bugs/flaws/etc., or a mostly wrong description.  Either way, something needs to be fixed.


First, it does not do what its description says.  The description says it “Increases resistance to all damage by 40 pts. for each ally, including yourself, in 3000 m range.”  (The weapon range part does work, although it may or may not be the 30% it says.)  The status effect that you get when you activate Adaptive Resonator says “All hull and shield resistances increased by 50 pts.”


Second, activating Adaptive Resonator while its effects are still active increases their duration by somewhere between 20 and 30 seconds.  I don’t know if there is an upper limit, but I’ve gotten its duration over 140 seconds in Open Space.  If intended, this is not mentioned at all in the description.  Given that getting the cooldown to finish before the effect ends is near impossible without Energy Discharger, I doubt it is intended.  Depending on where this issue comes from, it may also affect Diffusion Shield. (I don’t have 6 or 12 million credits to spare testing Diffusion Shield.)


logs needed 


Enjoy…  I took a look and didn’t see anything obviously wrong…


To clarify:

You activate Adaptive Resonator.  Between Energy Discharger and the Rank 13 module cooldown reduction implant (Neuroconnector ‘Rapidus III’), you keep Adaptive Resonator’s effects active until after Adaptive Resonator’s cooldown ends. (‘Satisfaction’ Algorithm also helps.)  You then activate Adaptive Resonator again, while still under the effects from the first activation, and the remaining duration goes up by about 28 seconds.  You can keep doing this; I have yet to hit a limit.  This works in PVP and PVE, Open Space was just the easiest way to quickly document it.  This may also apply to Diffusion Shield, but I don’t have the credits to burn testing it.

Also, the given resistances do not match what the description says they should be.


Attached screenshot goes with the attached logs.