actual MMO style...

across multiple games, multiple servers, multiple play styles… 

There is one thing that has been pretty much the “norm” of MMO games…

And that is the ability to play on either a PvP server or a PvE server, which is pretty much to say “want to fight other players? join the PvP server, if you’d rather just play against AI, join the PvE server” there is no such option for Star Conflict, and if you suggest the PvE Missions and Co-op AI modes, i swear i’ll have an aneurysm from sheer stupidity.  YES, PvE servers still have PvP, and PvE Missions, and Co-op missions… what they don’t have is some kind of stupid open world random PK system… 

Scenario: “oh look, some Biomorph’s are next to that Crystal i want, i’ll just clear them out and barely survive, get the Crystal… ok… got it, and now i’m being PK’d by some baboon’s bare a**'ed uncle… GG no RE RE!!”


What i propose is to separate this behavior into specific servers, if that is an impossible task to ask of you then perhaps making EVERY open world area PVE only unless otherwise flagged for PVP and even then, THOSE NOT FLAGGED CANNOT BE ATTACKED.


I understand whole heartedly that open space is not designed for anyone Rank 10 and below, that it was once a Rank 11 only thing, and that because people cried about it we can now get into open space at Rank 6 (dumbest idea ever) but that being said… why hasn’t there been any kind of PVP/PVE Flagging implemented?

Go look at ANY other MMO, with open world environments, you’ll see it there.  And the ones where there is no option to select which you want to be, you’ll notice those are slowly dying, *cough ROI cough*


You’re just q.q’ing because you were PK’d in your little Rank 6 ship in open space, get good.

Hmm, you’d be right if it were just me, and if it were Rank 6 that i was flying… but it wasn’t and i was in a Rank 8 flying with my friend in his R8 Detroyer (that’s a whole 'nother discussion on its own)

So? just proves you aren’t good at all in this game and need to get good, you and your friend, especially if he’s in a Destroyer.

Again, no, seeing as how we were both owned by a R6 scavenging on our weakened states after having cleared out 12 Aliens, i think it was 5 scouts, 3 hunters and 4 biomorphs, we had full cargo, barely any hull left, and this donkey comes in and ganks us.

Not possible, there’s station protection in effect on almost all zones, so you’re just making this up.

Nope, i mean, yeah there was station protection, but only this guy could be attacked and both me and my friend were labelled “Aggressors” which is funny as we’re possibly the nicest players in open space, even helped someone being chased by Hunters once.  the thing is, i think it has something to do with the Karma level, this guy was orange, and started attacking my friends destroyer… mind you, the auto defense firing thing wasn’t going until he attacked.

Yeah, “Aggressor” sounds familiar, but honestly don’t think a player can just instigate an attack like that.

Think what you want, it happened, and we were minding our own business as well.  Lately i’ve been seeing players show up in Red on the kill log in open space, and i can’t help but think, “great, i’m gonna get PK’d again.”