Activate Oculus Rift after Login and using Micro warp

If not activate Oculus Rift (OR) at the Login screen and instead activate OR in Hangar gets wrong “tunnel” when using the Micro warp.

The “tunnel” when warping is totally wrong so I always close my eyes…


But - if you activate OR in Login screen, Micro warps “tunnel” is fine…

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Please, follow the bug report pattern :


I think I did that…

  • The topic describes the bug…


    • I used few words…
    • Because the warp-tunnel is so twisted in Oculus Rift so I have to close my eyes…
    • As I described: (every time)  when activating Oculus Rift in the Hangar (and not in the Login-screen)
    • As detailed as possible then : Activate Oculus Rift in Hangar (not in Login-screen). Start game with a ship who has Micro-Warp and use the Micro-Warp.


Using win 8.1 Pro 64, i7-4770K CPU 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), 16g ram, DirectX 11, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 and Oculus Rift DK1