Achievements lost

hello, on 1. april  in the middle of an pvp game, a lots of achivements printed on top of my screen i haved already before.

After the match i go to my achivments an i see that i have lost lots of them… first i think it was a april joke.

i had nearly 24xx points in it and now it stays on 2150 points… ?



  1. We don’t understand what was happen

  2. Acievement points was recalculated at last update

  1. We don’t understand what was happen

I´am with you

  1. Acievement points was recalculated at last update

i  think that has nothing to do with it. i put some screenshots in attachment… thats not logical … have in the achievement 1791 attacks on enemy with an tactical bomb… next achievement kill ships in PVP 49/100. i have nearly 30.000 points in "defense the bacon… and i have 8 wins in pvp ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)  ? you cant find something in my logs?  may you find its something wrong if you see the screenshots.

it would be nice to catch the lost points back…and… sry… english is not my native language… so i hope its understandable what i wrote here.


what does 0075038  mean?

1 hour ago, Wizard99191 said:

what does 0075038  mean?

I have a feeling they use that as some sort of tracking number for future reference

ah… ok… thx for this idea…have now the same feeling ^^


Weeks ago and nothing happend to my account… someone with Information when support will handel process Nr. 0075038?

still waiting since april… for what… for nothing… so… thx for nothing… it would be nice if someone wrote that you can´t help…i will survive this. so its not  a nice action from you