Achievements got reset

While playing custom games with friends, some of my achievements got reset and it felt like a chain reaction to some open space achievements as well, idk how or why it happened but i got some of them completely reset and others are partially lost. I still kept the titles like “smiter” even though the achievement is reset so it’s clearly a bug in terms of an achievement counter system or something since i still have my prize titles available for choosing.


I played 1v5 custom battle when it all started a few months ago, support team doesnt seem to understand my issue seeing that i kept my prize titles and all and i doubt logs would help now. I can only provide screenshots of the reset achievements.






Doesn’t that reset cost GS and have a “are you sure” prompt?

Thats just for karma.

Just now, ORCA1911 said:

Thats just for karma.

I confirm it is just for karma.


Waiting for Mr.Skula1975

This bug was already reported over a month ago. It’s still there?

But here’s the question that’s really on all our minds: can you get more GS from this.

Nope not really.

Olease write achievements names and attach logs


Should i post the current logs or maybe try to find the ones that are from that period where it all started?

Logs of achievement lost needed