Achievements bugged

Seemed like the best place to post it since it is related to leveling in some way.


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I have the problem that my achievements are not properly tracked and thus my ranking is messed up.
As an example “Battle Master” (win 500 matches). I´ve reached far more than 500 wins already, yet i don´t have it. Or destroy 2000 ships. I´m at 2800+ now, yet the achievement is missing. Also things like rocketkills and other stuff are way off of what i think it should be. It´s like about 1/3 of my stats are missing, for whatever reason.
So there is something that´s really wrong, making it very hard for me to get my points, it seems like a tracking error, for some reason.


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I should have much more achievements than i have.


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This is no bug. These achievements count the values only from the day they have been added.

Well, that seems to explain it.


Danke dir.