Account problem

Let’s start with this - I have been having this problem quite some time now, since I still use a 32-bit system with maximum of 2 GB of ram dedicated to one process (game.exe / star conflict), the client simply runs out of memory and crashes. This has been happening to me since first ellydium ships have been released and so I almost have no way of playing PvP now. (PvP crashes almost any time when in battle, even after reboot can crash multiple times, whereas PvE or OS crash less frequently). I wrote a few topics before this to find out what is happening and so I found out the developers stopped supporting 32-bit systems as they said: “game has to move on”, which I understood. But my problem with that was that there has been no announcement whatsoever. My financial status hasn’t been the best lately so upgrading wasn’t an option since I would have to buy all the parts, not just one (each is not compatible with themselves anymore). Even tho battles were a pain in the 4ss and kept crashing, usually I was able to perform at least good. But today I found out that It crashes so often caused by all the effects and mostly players joining mid game that I’m almost not able to shoot. Tried to close the distance to the enemy at least to 1500 m but never could do that, it just simply crashed. So that’s when I thought I really couldn’t play no more. Looked in my profile stats and realized the account was actually pretty good - 176 fleet strength, two dessies bunch of other stuff and reasonably good statistics (achievements, registration date and time spent in game). I thought it would be a huge waste just letting the account go especially when it contained all DLCs, almost all prems I actually paid for… What’ve done is, I’ve sent a personal message to ORCA1911, asking him whether there was a legal way to shift my account or just give it to someone. I wasn’t rude, nor did I break any of the game rules - remember, all I did was ask whether there was such a way. But then I got muted… literally just for asking such stuff. What is this, are we living in commie soviet union?



All I’m asking for now is to know who did that. I don’t want to be rude or blackmail or whatever, just wanted to know who did that. On top of that, Is there a such a way to give the account or at least not waste it?

How does SC need more then 2GG on your system, if I remember correctly then I was able to run it while only 1Gb RAM was used by System+TS+StarConflict.


And it is not allowed to give you account to someone else.

Its probably because of the operating system, it used to run for me on 32-bit on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, but still, 2GB of RAM is not a lot these days, even phones have as much, or even more than this.

I Would loooove to be able to give my account away to someone who would use it more. I have all the DLC, bunches of event exclusives, and three dessies including Tyrant. Two ellydium ships and a ton of discontinued shiz.

I Only ever get on now for the dailies that don’t give anything useful so I don’t really see a point any more. And I’ve been playing on my fresh-start alt more and more simply because I still have stuff to unlock on it.

14 hours ago, John161 said:

And it is not allowed to give you account to someone else.



You are not allowed to sell your account to nobody, or it will be suspended (banned) indefinitely.

Unless, if were given an explicit permission from Gaijin or (S)Targem in your situation, such thing is just not a smart thing to do.


By the way, I do not believe that ORCA1911 would mute you for this. There must be something else, I think.

Probably got done for going off in the chat when you DC’d lol


From what I can see, the account is an email and a password. Using SC launcher, this is all it needs. Using Steam, well who knows. You can still log in from launcher. Idk if it’s possible, but you can probably ask support if you can change “your” email address to a new one.

Juat go to gaijinnet and change it from your profile console. Ezpz.

And steam logins work with the launcher anywhere.

Welp, it wasn’t me, someone else did it or chat went funky again.