Account/Password problems

Account/password problems


Q: I can’t enter Star conflict: forgot password, restoring password, changing password.

A:  Login and password for entering Star Conflict are taken from your Gaijin account and are absolutely identical. Keep in mind that login and nickname can be different. Login is your e-mail.


If you can’t recall your password, use this form.


If you want to change your current password, you can do so in your Profile section on this site. You have to click “change profile data” and either choose an automatically generated password or enter your own.


The same authorisation error may be caused by your system’s firewall. Even if you never had any firewall problems before, you should still try adding the game to your firewall’s exceptions list.


Q: I can’t access chat in the game.

A. This means that you violated the [rules of behaviour](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/8916-game-server-code-of-conduct/) on the game servers.

If you think the penalty was not fair, you can [contact](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23837-game-master-actions-dispute-procedure/) one of our Game Masters.


Q: I don’t have a Gaijin account, only a Star Conflict account.

A. This project’s account is simultaneously your Gaijin account too.