Account Login Problems!

Hi, I recently made changes to my gaijin account, I used it only to play star conflict and needed to enable two-factor authentication to use in-game commerce. After inserting my phone, Gaijin Pass, an E-mail and everything, I can't log into my star conflict account, I've tried everything to solve the problem, I've reset the password, but nothing solves it. I would like to point out that I have already made some reloads of money in the game, in considerable amounts, I just ask you to fix the problem on my account so that I can play. Old Nickname: MillenyumFalcon New Nickname: LeDDx Previous Steam:


Have you tried to get in touch with support? Usually they’re able to help out with this kind of stuff.





Contact to support, please

I’ve already contacted support but still haven’t had any response, it’s been more than 24 hours since I opened a ticket and I still haven’t had any contact.

I just got a message from support, right after my last comment, luckily my problem was solved! Thanks