Account has been wiped?

I’ve been playing for a while, now, using my Steam login.

Just now I was not given the option to play using my steam profile, and had to use the Gaijinnet profile or whatever.

It came up with the same account as always (same name anyways) except EVERYTHING had been wiped.  NO ships, no progress, no credits, no corp.  It was as though I had logged in for the first time again.

It even started to pay the tutorial.

I was even playing just earlier today and everything was fine.



Don’t worry, your account hasn’t been wiped. You just need to link your Gaijin account to your Steam account. 


please create a ticket in our support section.




Okay, so apparently this was a Steam-related issue, because I just rebooted Steam for the dozenth time and everything worked fine.  Hoping it will stay fine.

I know Steam has been having crazy troubles recently.