Accidentally bought Boremys parts O.o



I wanted to use my Christmas GS for good and decided to buy the Boremys, so I hit the buttons and accidentally bought 7 Boremys parts and not the ship . I didn’t think this one through in my excitement and hit the 5x button thinking that this is the full ship. I had about 2600-3000 GS and now I regret not buying a -80% premium ship but everyone’s doing it. 


is there any way to undo this? I’ll gladly give back my 7 Boremys parts (and buy a Golden Eagle or something)


xD bruh, it literally says “components”… But i would write to support if i was you.

 Yeess and i thought the 5x button was the “full ship” pack ![-_-](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/009j.png “-_-”)