About this forum section

By the wishes of many players, the developers decided to spread information about the development of the game more quickly and smoothly.

In this section we will publish the most up-to-date news about recent decisions:

Which feature got the status " will be implemented".

Which feature has a higher priority for the near future.

Which feature is under testing and will be on the live server soon.

We ask all players to specifically draw attention to the fact that if we published the news about any stage of a particular task, it does not mean that the entire staff has focused on this task alone. There are always other things which are also worked on.

For example, the first theme is dedicated to Tool Tips. However the work on the games is continueing very well and we are still improving the weapon balance, the gameplay mechanics and creating new maps.

As a China player and translator, I only hope add Chinese in this game quickly.

Because,it’s a good game,but it isn’t famous in China because Star Conflict don’t have Chinese(simply).I believe if add Chinese in the game, you can attract many  Chinese players.

Nice necro…


As always, it’s in the hands of their SoonTm


Other than that, you could ask devs how it is going with the implementation of translated contents.


I am guessing they wait until a significant portion of the game is translated to chinese so they can make a proper announcement or event without getting negative backlash for not having enough content behind it. 


Anyhow, I would focus on key elements needed for the proper operation of the game. Strings like options, ships, units, etc. Taunts and such are not priority… I guess. Although those are contents for purchase so may be the most important. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)