About the matchmaking

To say it polite, the new matchmaking in patch 0.6.1. has stunned many players. So today we decided to talk about the issues.

Some time ago, to be exact on September 6, we published our vision for the Game Balance. Then the community basically drew attention to paragraph smoothing between the characteristics of the ships, as up to that point.

Today our topic is the matchmaking system, you can find the the Game Balance topic here.

On the basic of these principles we want to create a queue for all players. We want to make clear, that this isn’t the last and final version of the matchmaking. We will carefully listen to your opinion and reviews about comfort in battles. Your comments about the need for different queues for T1 and T4, for squads and a restrictions for skills have not gone unnoticed. Furthermore, thanks to your posts on the Forum which helped us to identifi some bugs of the match matchmaking system which we are fixing now. In particular, the matchmaking does not accurately determine the strength of the ships, the player can be thrown against stronger opponents. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that some of the planned features for the Game Balance have not been introduced yet, but in our opinion they will adjust the situation.

For example, in one of the next patches, we will add another new game mode. The old game modes (Capture the beacon and control) will get some significantly changes in order tos solve the “camper” issue, and we will reduce the negative effects of fighting higher-level players.

But we’ll talk more about that topic next week :slight_smile:

wouldnt be better to matchmaking players regarding to their amount of EXP and reputation rank ?

Not if you want to rank up another faction.