About Open Space factions & relations

Hello, I am wondering something about Open Space factions, and my relations with them. I noticed different factions such as Federation , UMC , Pirate , Jericho , Imperial (?) etc. All of them have a different type of relationship or “Karma” for Ally, Neutral, and Enemy status.


After getting constantly mobbed in Alpha-7 Complex by UMC fighters and Hijackers I’ve began to look into figuring out a way to at least get to Neutral status with as many factions as possible to make farming easier.


My only idea right now is helping the AI escort the Cargo Transport ships without killing anyone by flying next to it. For example, escorting the Pirate Transport (Complex Nova 17). It’s just a hunch and I’m still trying to test this. If anyone knows how to become Neutral with the factions I’m interested in learning.


Does anyone know how to get factions to Neutral status without killing other factions?