About MSI AfterBurner& Rivatuner

I am really not sure if i am posting at the right category, but my doubt is very simple; Is there a possibility of the game wrongly detect my use of Msi afterburner and riva tuner as cheater software (Im in a curious need, for Benchmarking reasons). 
I have money invested in this game for some time, and would be a pain in my soul, to be banned for something so simple. Could you guys pls confirm this, would bring me cosmic peace. ![:011:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/011.png “:011:”)
Ingame Nickname: greenmithrandir.

What issues are you getting? Errors? Messages? Screenshots?

I didnt get any error… I know it may sound silly, but i was afraid to use the software and game server detect it as an prohibited add-on or hack.
I’ve seen some reports of game’s servers getting confused and detecting it a as an improper thing. 
Is it safe to use without any rule infrigement?!


You could just read the rules yourself https://star-conflict.com/de/b/eula

Also nope, things like MSI Afterburner do not get you banned.