About a month, Zero friends.

Bubbles here! So i have been playing this game for about a month now and i have been having a blast!I have no premium and even than its still really enjoyable to me! Alot of people are complaining about the grind the game can be without premium and though i do in ways agree with them about it being a grind. I ask myself what game isn’t! Throughout my gaming history of since i was 3 years old. Every game has some kind of grind to it. This is not new! However the game mechanics are and i have been really enjoying this so far. This being said there is a huge flaw in the game.

The social part of the game is really lacking,As i have noticed it just kind of throws you into a channel called"General chat/Global Channel" Also known as troll center!

So i was wondering what do you veteran/Premium players do to make friends! Other than corps of course! I have sent in a app to NASA Corp and nothing back so far.So a tip or two would be wonderful and if you would like to play with me PM me for information.I have skype,Steam,Ventrilo,TS and all of the above communications. So im not just sure if a huge majority of the pilots go to one TS server and chat that way or does everyone just play this game for ***** and giggles!







                                                                                        Much love, Bubbles

You really should just join a corporation. Communication in the game beyond “general chat trolling” is pretty much limited to corporations at the moment, and quite a few are on a recruitment drive even now to refill spots vacated by people leaving.

My question to you though is how! I mean i know no one and the corps i have signed up for have no response:/

I know for a fact that Uhmari was recruiting to EVO just a couple of days ago, you could always whisper him.

Get active in battle, communicate, and that’s how, after seeing some guys two, three time and fight with or against them, you start to recognize each other. You end to go in squad with them for the fun and… Oh new friend request !

Yeah, that’s how I make friend.

After, simpliest way it’s the corp of course. To find one, FOUR way ! 

  • Go in the corp part of the forum, but search the one who fit you, don’t go in hardcore corp if you are not one

  • Be invited by your friend ingame (yeah, so you need to make some)

  • Ask in the general chat, or respond to corp recruiting (that’s how I entered mine)

  • And invite real friend and make corp with them.



So many way :open_mouth:

I’d start by saying that asking lots of questions doesn’t help as much as having answers or suggestions; share any knowledge you think might be useful with people who seem to know less. Global chat isn’t the best place to start, but PvE is a great place to meet people. If you can contribute on PvE and make helpful suggestions, you’ll naturally find yourself getting into squad situations in all game modes. As for the more elite corps, you might be restricted by your tier level (on that I can’t say for sure, but I have a feeling it may play a part!) and you have to bear in mind that some people have been on here for a good lot longer than a Month!


That leads to the next point: if you want to join a corp you need to be noticeably good (not a maverick, but a team player). I’ve been playing for a little while and I’m still learning certain quirks about this game that remind me I’m still on the learning curve. If you can stand out and be a team player, show you understand the necessary strategies required to win a match, you’ll get noticed!


Raging in any way won’t be welcomed, and you’d be better off coming on the forum to constructively express an issue you have. At all times be positive and have a good sense of humour (I really don’t think that needs to include the “bacon” nonsense, but that’s just me!)


Finally, just ask on global chat intermittently. Not the best place like I said, but without doubt a lot of corp members are looking for decent, sociable players!

Aww seriously in one month no friends ? Ok add me ingame terrabytex i am not on today but i might be on tomorrow. I usually always have a full squad of 4 but ill make time and play with you aswell. I usually play pvp or pve and get friends invites every day. I am sure you are not bad, maybe unlucky no one befriended you till now. Add me, and i will see you these days ingame.

Add me bro, Intricate. I play all tiers except T1. :smiley:

Make conversation with people. When I first started the game, I asked people to squad up and would roll with a full squad, then with them as friends, keep it going. That led me to OTG, one tick gaming, then after they fell apart, to EVO corp, where I’ve found many good people.


Just make yourself social bro.



and don’t touch the bacon.




Edit 5/12/13*** Don’t bother with Evo. Wasted 2 months of my time there.

xxxx bro, we get you into NASA practically today if you are on. Look for JPhack in game. 

Dont join NASA…Bad Idea…

Dont join NASA…Bad Idea…

Why’s that?

NASA seems to be a good bunch.

Dont join NASA…Bad Idea…


didnt you join nasa recently?

I was in closed beta but just started the game now (since launch). You are welcome to hang in our TeamSpeak server.

Haha same! Trying to get my mates to play with me but all of them aren’t really into these kind of games :confused:

didnt you join nasa recently?


More than likely, Intricate was trying to infiltrate/spy and sabotage your corporation. Beware.

More than likely, Intricate was trying to infiltrate/spy and sabotage your corporation. Beware.


He can try, but I doubt he can get any information to sabotage us, We are already well known for being crazy. 

Op… come here i’ll give you a hug. :011j:

He can try, but I doubt he can get any information to sabotage us, We are already well known for being crazy. 

Sabotage no… however we do have an awesome cookie recipe.