A way to trade parts in the "TRADE" system

There really needs to be a way to actually trade parts using the trade system. None of this GS BS that you’ve given us.


It needs to be a simple part-for-part or BP-for-BP trade between two players. For free. Or maybe for like 10k credits.


Having to be stuck with all these completely unsellable parts and BP’s is a really sh*tty way to have a market run.


Lol someone ask me today if we could trade this way in the game, thx for bringing this up ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I think the trade system would be way better with the option to “buy via Credits” instead of GS…


Let´s be honest the reason why it currently is only doable via GS is cus most players don´t really want/need to spend GS cus they either have an Licence anyways or simply don´t wanna invest anymore money then needed + you lose 10% each time of a trade + most pilots have the same stuff anyways and the stuff that really is needed belongs only to a few players.


My point still stands make it so that we can “sell” the useless stuff for 1/10 of the minimum sale price or make it so that we can pay with GS or with Credits.

Just being forced to use it to progress is very silly. There is no benefit from it unless you pay for GS, or you get EXTREMELY lucky and someone actually buys a part from you.

There’s no “trade” about it. Just buy and sell.