A special move I noticed

I see many of these moves performed by players in vidoes:


An enemy ship passed you, to your back.

And you quickly watch around, or watch back, locate the enemy with cursor.

And your ship will gradually turn its head toward the enemy.

In this way you can fire back quickly, especially useful movement for frigates.

So its basically to find the enemy first, then ship turns automatically.


But I think I cannot do the same thing on Mac version? I can only turn the ship first, then find the enemy, which is dumb,

When i press control to watch around, the cursor disappears and the ship freezes.

Maybe I am wrong, its not performed by watching around,

Or maybe its not work on Mac version.

Need helps.

Thank you.

Alt to look around? Use R for nearest, or if he is targetting you,G.

Actually, I have noticed this too… and it has puzzled me. I’ve tried replicating it on my own, but have been unable to. I’ve pressed Ctrl and been able to visually track ships, but have been unable to change my ships course while in this view.

see this video, at 1:38

he is watching his back, locating his enemy with cursor, and turns ship after that.

When i try to look around or look back, the cursor disappears.

I looked at the video but didn’t see anything unusual . I am tired so I may not be understanding what your talking about. all i see is him looking around and the heavy weapons lagging behind (not actual lagging they are just slow to get on target)

I have a theory on how this is done. I’m going to test it out and report back my findings.

Ok, I’ve got your answer. What you are seeing the video is the difference between Basic and Expert handling modes. In Basic, the camera is loose and follows your cursor and allow you to visually follow enemies with your reticule.


Expert mode locks the camera behind your ship.


That’s the only difference as far as I can tell. If you want to be able to to this, simply switch to basic handling mode.

There are 2 types of control in game Basic and Expert. In this video he uses Basic - its Semi free camera look and ship kind a folows it. In expert mode you have your coursor tight up to the front of your ship so you cant do that

oh thx a lot, guys!