A Simple Question About Moon Race

Question is that I have bought the third moon race dlc but if I cannot finish the moon race event, will get the final bundle with last component to build Costodian.

don’t mind my account’s picture is same with another gaijin account, that is a mistake, and I still expect some dlc can give a large world likeFreeLancer.

If you don’t make it to task 30 then you don’t get the Custodian part. Because the part is inside of task 30.


Also if you wish to suggest a new DLC feel free to make its own topic in [HERE](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/230-suggestions/)


Also you will likely be able to buy Custodian parts on the player market soon, so if you missed the last task you can buy the final part.

oh thx very much, just feel a little disappoint about waste money, but at least get new ammo BP. 

and I want to know how much GS the parts will cost at least.

and I have calculate the xenochip that I can take, I think it cost 2 days for one stage in normal , and it should be cost 56 days at least. so it shows that cost GS to buy the xenochip is necessary? or just I have calculated wrong.